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Advanced Warning Systems for Construction Sites

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While driving, it’s essential to heed advance warning signs, especially along America’s fast-paced highways. The Advance Warning System forewarns the motorists of approaching construction work and potential dangers. These signs may come in form of lights, Flagmen, and orange signs. Moreover, speeding in a construction zone may have fatal consequences. Often, construction crews have unearthed pipes and motorists are bottlenecked into a single lane.

Automobile technologies have rapidly advanced since 1885, however, swiftly decelerating isn’t among these advances. You may say anit-locks breaks have quickened the rate at which our vehicles come to a halt, but time is still required for vehicles to come to a full stop. For this reason, the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) adapted the Advance Warning System. The Advance Warning System notifies motorists of the impending dangers a highway construction zone possesses. Both motorists and construction crew members are at risk of fatality and injury.

The Advance Warning System isn’t complex, it simply warns motorists to slow down when encountering a work zone. Moreover, the MUTCD specifies the intervals at which orange signs, Flagmen, and lights are placed prior to encountering a work zone. For example, along fast paced and busy highways, warning signs are placed at 2,600, 1,600 and 1,000 feet prior to the construction zone. Other environments, such as slow-moving urban settings, merely require one warning sign.

Traffic control and road construction signs are more than a nuisance; they warn us of dangerous situations. These signs allow for both road workers and motorists to safely maneuver construction zones. Those who don’t heed the warnings may end up dead or in jail.

The Federal Highway Administration warns us that within the past five years 4,400 people have been killed in construction zone accidents, and 200,000 people were injured. It’s noted that accidents are most often fatal for the driver. The aforementioned death and injury could’ve been avoided if motorists paid attention to the Advance Warning Systems.

Don’t become another statistic; heed road construction warning signs. Safe drivers avoid all distractions, turn off your cell phone and pay attention to the road.

Signage for the Advance Warning System may be made of a multitude of materials. However, light-weight durable roll-up signs are replacing metal. These signs are more portable and highly visible. For more information about these space-age signs visit the folks at Roll-Up Traffic Signs by Safety Products Inc.

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