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Road Construction Safety

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A road construction crew’s garb is their first line of defense against the dangers of a construction zone; dangers are numerous and can be fatal. Construction crews don helmets and reflective vests to avoid haphazard motorists and falling objects. Most wouldn’t consider getting on a motorcycle without a helmet, the same impulse should exist for construction zones. It’s essential that road crews wear helmets on the job.

Helmets must meet certain requirements to protect construction crews among the perils of heavy machinery. According to, an online portal for the health and safety at work community, a helmet must

  • Resist penetration by objects
  • Absorb the shock of a blow
  • Be water resistant and slow burning

Helmets absorb shock and the protect our fragile brains from impact, water, and fire. Most often, these brilliant devices protect us from falling objects.

A helmet’s layer of foam provides the most of the protection from falling objects. This layer absorbs blunt force impact, displacing from the neck and skull. According to, helmets contain a layer of “ crushable foam.” Upon impact, the foam crushes and absorbs the energy produced by the weight of a falling object. “when you crash and hit a hard surface, the foam part of a helmet crushes, controlling the crash energy .” Moreover, a helmet’s inner layer of foam often possesses crumple zones, much like a car. These crumple zones assist in absorbing the force of impact.

Helmets undergo rigorous impact testing prior to adorning the heads of construction crews Helmets are tested via freefall. A typical impact test consists of dropping a helmeted foam head-form onto an anvil, measurements are taken and the integrity of the helmet is assessed.

Not all helmets possess foam insulating. Helmets are graded as Type I and Type II. The later helmet possesses foam insulating. Moreover, some helmets are designed to protect against electric shock.

No matter the job, safety considerations are a must. A road construction crew’s helmets provide safety from falling objects, moreover, motorists must heed the warnings of road construction signs for the safety of everyone. We can all do a part in making construction zones safer.

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